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With a variety of ways to market brands, we should look to the present to improve the oncoming future. VR and AR are the latest technologies big businesses are using to improve their brands and their respective fields.

In general, VR helps create an immersive experience that elevates the senses and overall environment. Concerning VR marketing, allows companies to offer awareness of the digital world, where brands and businesses can help promote products and services. VR in turn allows for the replacement of physical items, giving them a sense of uniqueness contrary to their counterparts. VR also allows for tracking development, which serves as a tool for feedback. One such example of VR marketing is Nikeworld, where the clothing brands partnered with Roblox to play minigames and understand the insides of Nike’s headquarters.

Like VR, AR is a rising trend in the world of sales and marketing. AR prioritizes mobile devices which can offer a convenient sales experience for potential customers. An example is businesses like Lens Crafters, which allow consumers to try on glasses without even entering the store. Applications such as this are one of the many ways AR can improve upon a brand, with the essentials focusing on purchases and understanding the products beneficial to those looking to create an engaging experience.

In general, there are many ways to apply AR and VR to give a brand significant awareness. Something that should be noted for VR, is that it enhances the desire and want to purchase a product. Essentially VR’s purpose is to help hook the current audiences in creating a sense of trust and identity with what a brand is selling. AR on the other hand prioritizes efficiency and augmentation, being made to give a consumer an experience that doesn’t require them to step inside a store. Overall, AR and VR are much more than a tool, it’s a relatively new technology that allows for greater usage as time goes by. AR and VR are much more than tools but an experiences that brands can learn and also for society to improve upon.