We are Solutionaries providing solutions that help our clients go further, faster.

We Are Solutionaries.

Providing solutions that help our clients go further, faster.

We are a possibility company

that focuses on helping our

clients go further, faster.

We are Solutionaries™. We solve problems by leveraging our influence, resources, and skills in business, branding, marketing, design, and technology to position our clients to win in the marketplace. We’re passionate about assessing the needs and solving business problems for our clients and their customers. It’s this passion that fuels our purpose as a firm.


Understand the problem.
Identify the solution.


Prepare a roadmap.
Define action steps.


Design the solution.
Bring the solution to life.


Execute the solution.
Evaluate the solution.

Antwon Davis

Managing Partner

Antwon Davis is the Managing Partner at 4THPARK™. He is also the Co-Founder of Spendefy™, a digital platform that makes it easy for consumers to discover amazing black-owned businesses in their city. Antwon built his first Internet business at the age of 21 while attending college at Georgia State University. Over the past 10 years, he has coached and consulted more than 100 clients, companies, and organizations around the United States on branding, marketing, and design.

Priscilla Harris

Account Manager

Priscilla Harris is an Account Manager, SEO Strategist, and Certified Grant Writer with over 13 years of program management from public and private agencies. She offers a diverse background with much to offer any client. As Account Manager, Priscilla brings her administrative, problem resolution, and project management skills to ensure that the client’s goals are met within the projected timeline and budget. As an SEO Strategist, Priscilla develops inbound marketing strategies by using proven Search Engine Optimization techniques to increase online ranking, traffic, and visibility for clients.

Yvette Broughton

Media Strategist

Yvette is a visionary television producer and communications professional with over 10 years of experience in the entertainment and non-profit sector. She has a passion for creating morally constructive content, social change, and big ideas achieved through collaboration and inclusion. She has created content for Fortune 500 clients, emerging business owners, non-profits, and startups. Previously, she served as Vice President of Production for the Black Family Channel.

Takia Lamb

Social Media Strategist

As a young adult, I struggled with the idea that my ability to organize, administer, or facilitate were not real skills. In fact, they were burdensome, leaving me the lone planner of group trips, family vacations, and other things that no one else seemed to want to do. Although, I enjoyed it. My professional experiences have pushed me to take ownership of my skills and articulate them into something real. My own personal mission is to help bring order to chaos. I believe we all have vision. We all have dreams. Some of us just need a little extra help shifting through their ideas to make those dreams come true.

Enrique Morgan

Design Strategist

As a Visual Designer, my goal is to delight users with design that inspires, engages, and excites them.

Shanice Graham

Marketing Strategist

As a kid, I was always fascinated with how and why things worked. I developed a love for flow charts, spreadsheets, wireframes, and list-making. I was lucky enough to discover there is a career that marries my passion for information and my love for advocacy. The new age of technology is my playground and I’m having a blast learning more everyday. At 4THPARK, I’m inspired by the mixture of creative design, illustration, and innovation happening on a daily basis. I love contributing strategy and direction to the problems we solve for our clients. Nothing beats collaborating with others and watching solutions come to life. When I’m not working I enjoy movies, cooking, getting to know people, traveling, and spending time with my daughters.

Christina Compere

Community Strategist

Christina Compere is an NYC native with a Broadcast Journalism degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Christina serves as the Community Strategist at 4THPARK and the CEO of CCMedia & Marketing, LLC. She's a lover of multimedia journalism and has been in the digital and social media management field since 2013. She has worked and consulted with over 30 small business, non-profit, corporate, and entertainment industry businesses to drive their online presence, sales, and reach to a broader audience.

Ifie Natasha Brandon

Content Strategist

Ifie Natasha Brandon is a professional writer and content strategist who believes in the power of authenticity and creative storytelling. With ten years of experience as a multi-medium storyteller, she helps clients, entrepreneurs, and organizations tell stories that build and impact their community. She is a spoken word artist, an author of 2 books, and has been published in various publications and online platforms. When she isn’t working, she’s curating events, doing yoga, or watching movies with her husband and two kids.

Grayson Smith

Graphic Designer

Grayson Smith is a Graphic Designer based out of Atlanta, GA. His specialty is print design, front-end web design, and branding. He's a true artist at heart with a knack for photography and creative expression.

“We believed that the marketplace needed something different.”

It needed a different kind of agency. Not just another agency that was known for making pretty things. It needed an agency that could make things better for our clients and their customers.

We are Solutionaries. As strategists and problem solvers, we pride ourselves on developing unique and professional solutions for our clients across a wide variety of mediums.

Our Clients
  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Non-Profits
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs
Our Services
  • Branding & Design
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Strategic Partnerships
Our Philosphy
  • Purpose
  • People
  • Product
  • Process
  • Position
Our Process
  • Discover
  • Define
  • Develop
  • Deliver

The team at Spendefy approached us with the task of establishing their brand, web presence, and marketing materials.

The team at Love Beyond Walls approached us with the task of designing and developing both their brand and web presence.

The team at FLY Life Inc. approached us with the task of designing and developing their brand, web presence, and print material.

The King Center approached us with the task of building the website for the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech.

The Funk Fest team approached us with the task of redesigning and enhancing their brand, sponsorship package, and web presence.

The Sankofa Church team approached us with the task of designing and building their brand, website, and promotional material.

The Council of Probate Court Judges of Georgia team approached us with the task of rethinking and redesigning print material.

The LIMR team approached us with the task of building their official brand, web presence, print material, and promotional material.

The No Losing team approached us with the task of establishing both their brand, web presence, print, and marketing materials.

The ACT House team approached us with the task of building their official website and communicating their brand story.

The Awesome team approached us with the task of designing the official User Interface and User Experience for their mobile app.

The Equal Access America team approached us with the task of designing and building their brand, website, and promotional material.