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Our Process

Practicing Alignment.

We work closely with our clients through a process we call Practicing Alignment. It’s a 4-step process that centers around understanding and identifying key problems and providing solutions that align our clients branding, marketing, design, and media efforts. We help our clients Awaken Possibility by uncovering hidden opportunities.


The first step in our process is centered around exploring your vision and uncovering new possibilities. This crucial stage allows us to delve into the intricate details, conduct thorough research, and engage in meaningful conversations to fully understand the scope and depth of your project. Through thoughtful evaluation and collaborative discussions, we aim to uncover hidden opportunities for the next phase of our journey together.

Understand the problem.
Identify the solution.


The second step involves crafting a well-defined plan of action to propel your solution forward. Building upon the insights we have gathered, we strategically develop the terminology, ideas, and strategies that revolve around your unique vision and objectives. During this phase, we create a roadmap that brings your vision to life and resonates with your target audience.

Prepare a roadmap.
Define action steps.


The third step marks a significant transition as we progress to the most captivating and challenging phase: design and development. We bring your solution to life with the creation of deliverables and assets across appropriate touchpoints for your audience to experience. This is where we get to truly awaken possibility and breathe life into your vision.

Design the solution.
Bring the solution to life.


The fourth and final step is the implementation of your solution within the appropriate mediums, precisely where your target audience resides. During this phase, we assess and evaluate our deliverables to ensure seamless integration across various channels and platforms. We aim to create alignment with our solution and your vision and goals.

Execute the solution.
Evaluate the solution.