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As many adults begin the path toward their careers, it can be difficult to make proper connections and take the necessary steps. LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms, that allows for making connections and finding jobs that cater to an individual’s skills and those within their overall network. While the task may seem difficult for the ones just stepping into their field, these five steps can make your life and career path easier.

1. Making Your Summary

It should go without saying that your bio should be a top priority in your LinkedIn profile, this is further evident when dealing with the summary and trying to catch the eye of jobs, potential clients, and business partners. As its name suggests, a summary is a brief statement that captures a user’s level of experience, skills, and the position they’re looking for. A summary essentially sells yourself to whoever you’re looking to impress and essentially gives them details to see if you’re worth their time. A summary should be brief and to the point, quickly explaining your experience, while also letting a bit of personality show to make you appear more engaging.

2. Connections via Inner Circle

A good way to make instant connections is through people within your current community. Be it friends, coworkers, or family anyone with relevant experience, can lead to you making the proper links that can impress any recruiter. It should be noted that you shouldn’t connect with nearly everyone in your contact list, but you must connect with people with much relevance in addition to connecting with those who have made an impact within their respective fields.

3. User Engagement

As is the case with other social media, engagement is key to overall success. When creating posts that tell your story in the workplace, allows users to get a feel for who you are and see the accomplishments at your disposal. This doesn’t mean posting every day, but posting relevant information that shows off your knowledge, skill, and overall work ethic. In general, user engagement further puts you on par with whom you’re connected and helps reinforce your core ambitions and what you’re doing for the career path you’ve taken.

4. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a good way to not only build relationships but also connect with professionals to share information and skills. LinkedIn groups are a great way to demonstrate your skill and know-how in a group setting. LinkedIn groups are also a great way to learn more about your target audience and understand who you’re working with and what they need from you.

5. Expertise through Articles

Another great way to show prowess in your field is using long form posts. Creating these blog posts will create content your audience can resonate with, while also establishing your brand and LinkedIn Groups showcase relevant experience and expertise. Articles can also be a great way to improve brand exposure to your network and followers, by posting regularly it can greatly improve connectivity, also giving readers a better incentive to take their time for you and your brand.