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Incorporating tech into a fast-casual restaurant is the best way to improve customer involvement, increase efficiency, and keep operations in order. Here are five ways to incorporate technology to improve your customer service.

1.Online Ordering System

Mobile apps and websites are all the rage in the digital era. It comes as no surprise that these can improve upon placing orders. This can help diminish wait times while also providing an effective option for those looking to do takeout. Order tracking is also suggested to better improve the customer experience, while at the same time giving them the option to check their order status.

2. Self-Service Kiosks

Self-serving kiosks are one of the many modern enhancements that allow for accuracy with customer orders. This gives clientele the option to customize their meals, giving them a sense of choice, and overall improving the accuracy of their meals. With modern contemporary restaurants incorporating these kiosks, they can allow for your restaurant to be current and topical within the restaurant business. In an ever-competing market, it’s best to have a leg up on the competition, showing customers why your restaurant is a go-to.

3.Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Using chatbots on your website or app can help easily solve whatever questions or queries they may have. Chatbots can make taxing phone calls quick and easy. It’s also important to use these bots to tap into whoever is on the phone so your restaurant doesn’t lose its human touch. Chatbots also help personalize menu inquiries, hours of operation, and order status. With virtual assistants, they can provide a tailored experience by signifying menu items based on a customer’s personal preferences and frequent order history.

4.Customer Feedback and Reviews

Using technology to gain feedback or reviews can be done through in-app surveys or QR codes and receipts. Analyzing the data and helping identify what needs to be improved, as well as what customers are hoping to look for on their return to the restaurant. Social media monitoring tools are also a great way for customers to be informed and addressed instantaneously.

5.Digital Payment Solutions

Digital payment solutions can be done in a variety of ways. Mobile wallets, contactless cards, and online payment platforms can help speed up the payment process. This can further improve customer service, making those who enter your restaurant feel accommodated and once again pushing your business to the next level in the future of marketing. It’s also suggested to use loyalty programs with your digital payment to convince people to be repeat visitors.