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In keeping with the latest trends, AR Menus offers a memorable experience that can enhance a Fast Casual Restaurant and move it toward a new era. Here are four ways to implement AR menus and ensure customers with a new and satisfying experience.

  1. Interactive Dish Visualization

AR can help customers visualize items on a menu. This can help in conserving paper, making sure not to waste or damage the environment, while also keeping with the mainstream market in the Fast Casual Restaurant Business. AR can help display 3D models/animations of a restaurant’s respective dishes, allowing clientele to get a more personalized and detailed look at what they wish to order. AR can also allow for clientele to make clear decisions and spend less time waiting and gazing at the menu.

  1. Customization and Personalization

Customization can further the personalized experience, allowing customers to have a say on what they want or don’t want in their meals. AR can help customers with their orders in real-time, using AR to help build their burgers or salads. Ensuring customers with allergies know ahead of time and can act accordingly. In addition, customization makes it feel as if customers are getting exactly what they came for allowing them to avoid the possibility of workers who didn’t adhere to their requests, and also allowing for their potential return.

  1. Language Translation and Information Overlay

Using AR language translation can help relay proper information to the clientele. This can be accommodating to those who speak a different language altogether. As well as providing nutrients, facts, and allergens, in addition, to helping the clientele make better choices for their respective diets.

  1. Virtual Chef Recommendations and Cooking Demonstrations

AR can also be applied by incorporating virtual chefs. These can allow for unique recommendations from the AR software. Allowing the AR to display video clips when the customer scans the food, and help explain the origin, preparation process, and other recommendations to help enhance the dish’s overall flavor. This would not only provide entertainment but can be informative and set your restaurant apart from other contemporaries.