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We’ve gotten a lot of traffic to our site over the past 2 weeks. Something phenomenal has happened: We’ve been featured on several CSS design sites around the world! It’s been an interesting few weeks for us as a team. We’re experiencing a lot of feedback, emails, and updates from our social networks. Getting noticed on the web at all is a difficult feat, yet alone getting nominated for Awwwards and CSS Design Awards, and winning Site of The Day on CSS Reel. It’s definitely an exciting time for us as a company. We thought we’d share the great news and let you in on what we’re celebrating.

Here’s a growing list of sites we’ve been nominated for and/or  featured on thus far:

  1. Awwwards
  2. CSS Design Awards
  3. CSS Winner
  4. Creattica
  5. CSS Mania
  6. CSS Author
  7. CSS Reel
  8. CSS Legend
  9. CSS Garden
  10. The Creative Project
  11. WPLift
  12. Speckyboy Design Magazine
  13. WebDesign Inspiration
  14. Bloom Web Design
  15. Design Fridge
  16. CSS Awards
  17. Unmatched Style
  18. CSS Light
  19. Design Shack
  20. Best jQuery
  21. French Design Index
  22. Neue CSS
  23. The Design Inspiration
  25. Creative Web Designs
  26. HTML5 Mania
  28. Dzinemart
  29. Very Inspirational
  30. CSS Mozaic
  31. Design Source
  32. Most Inspired
  33. CSS Rocket
  34. CSS Downunder