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Today, more organizations are starting to understand the importance of branding and storytelling. For most organizations, it literally can mean the difference in their long-term success or failure. However, there are many organizations that still underestimate and misunderstand the importance or branding and storytelling. Our goal as a agency is to demystify this and to make branding and storytelling easy to understand and easy to implement for organizations today.

Of all of the organizations that we’ve studied that still struggle with understanding the importance of branding and storytelling, the Church sits at the top of the list. As one of the greatest pillars of hope for our society, the Church still stands as a beacon of light and restoration in most of our communities. However, there’s a growing disconnect between the Church and the rest of the world. We believe part of the problem is because of a lack of strategic branding and storytelling.

Whether you know this or not, most churches are already building a brand and telling a story. As a church, you probably already have defined your mission, God-given vision, and/or purpose. At the core, this is ‘who you are’ and ‘what you’re called to do’ as an organization. This is your WHY.

As an organization, you may also already have several mediums that you use to communicate your WHY. This may include messages or sermons that you deliver on Sunday, your website, social media, church announcements, email newsletters, special events, conferences, flyers, etc. All of these mediums are ways your organization may be currently engaging your audience and telling your story.

So what’s the problem?

The problem isn’t that you don’t have a brand or story. The problem lies in the fact that most churches don’t know HOW to build a brand and tell a story STRATEGICALLY. There are many churches that struggle with communicating a clear vision, reaching a certain demographic of people, staying relevant, increasing their monthly revenue, and growing their congregation. You’d be surprised how much branding and storytelling can help resolve these types of struggles.

Branding is all about building your reputation and perception. One of the best ways to get people around your vision is to tell an authentic story that they can believe in. When branding is done properly, it can mean the difference in the long-term trajectory of your organization. Branding helps focus your organization on the WHO, the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW. Branding is strategy. Storytelling is strategy.

Our job as an agency is to help you build your brand and tell your story. We’ve worked with many churches over the years, and what we’ve found is that many churches lack 3 key things…

1. A well-defined brand.
2. A compelling story.
3. An effective communications strategy.

Your communications strategy as a church should be derived from your brand and your story. How well you communicate your brand and your story will determine the perception your audience has of your church.

If you’re interested in awakening possibility in your church’s brand and story, we’re here to help. Why? Because we believe the Church has the greatest story of all.