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One of the core responsibilities of a Fast Casual Restaurant is to create ways to bring in clientele. Video is an obvious and engaging choice, and when done properly displays a restaurant’s products and services to various consumers. However, it takes more than good camera work and flashy images to bring in customers, here are three video ideas to incorporate in your fast-casual restaurant.

1. Preparing Your Signature Dish

What is a dish that always draws customers in? Something that’s the face of you and your business. A video that demonstrates how you prepare your signature dish allows your audience to get a better understanding of the process that goes into crafting your dishes. When preparing the video use quick edits in a fast-paced manner to not let the video drag on. In addition to this make sure to get a ton of coverage inside the restaurant to give the restaurant a more interpersonal feel when demonstrating what goes into the dish. Moreover, highlight the dish’s main ingredients so it helps set you apart from the competition. It’s also important to showcase what ingredients you produce as it lets consumers know what it is their putting into their bodies while demonstrating professionalism as a whole.

 2. Showcasing Events

A catering service is not only a good way to get your business talking, but also another way to help promote your restaurant. There are a variety of ways this can be accomplished via a gathering, a meeting, setup, or a deal. Any of these will provide an authentic as well as professional touch for promoting your restaurant. The key to showcasing events is to showcase a sense of community. Have the clients explain their background and expertise, as this can provide connections and create long-term relationships in the future. Moreover, the video it can create a sense of reliability and authenticity within your brand giving the viewers and potential customers a sense that this business can be trusted.

 3. Displaying Customers

As stated, prior customers are the key to any business’s success, a video that presents a business’s clients is the perfect way to help showcase their feelings about their business. Capturing the smiling faces of the clientele can give off a good vibe for consumers, while also further demonstrating legitimacy within their product. Displaying children is an easy way to appeal to people, however, it’s best to be mindful if their parents are okay with it. When filming around the restaurant it’s best to film all around to get a clear look at who the clientele is. Showcase what the clientele are eating while highlighting what their favorite thing about your restaurant is.

In general, for each of these videos, you want to capture the day-to-day life within your fast-casual restaurants. Showcase what goes on in the typical world of your business. Don’t try to force anything, try to demonstrate the best of what your brand and restaurant has to offer. Overall be sure to highlight the best aspects of what make your Fast Casual Restaurant unique.