Funk Fest® is a music festival that began as a small concert in an outdoor venue in Mobile, Alabama. Since then, the music festival has hosted some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Frankie Beverly and Maze, the Gap Band, New Edition, Whodini, Big Daddy Kane, Betty Wright, Doug E. Fresh, Rickey Smiley, the Ohio Players, the SOS Band, Cameo, Erykah Badu, Charlie Wilson and many others. Funk Fest® celebrates the rich cultural heritage of “old school” music and has grown into a true celebration of human expression. The music festival currently attracts music enthusiasts from all 50 states to its specially-selected venues and adds significant tourism revenue to each city’s local economy.


The Funk Fest team approached us with the task of redesigning and enhancing their brand, sponsorship package, and web presence. We had the privilege of awakening possibility for an organization that was already drawing tens of thousands of people to each of their events. Our overarching goal was to improve the Funk Fest brand in effort to increase visibility of their website, convert online visitors to paying customers, and expand their sponsorship program.


Our first step was to discover as much as we could about the client, their vision, their industry, and their target market. Our research consisted of studying other music festivals who have successfully increased both attendance and overall awareness, learning about how the music festival industry works, and getting clarity on the vision and long-term goals of the client.


Our second step was to define as much as we could about the brand. We used the information we gathered from our research to bring context to the brand, which included defining brand colors, fonts, and touchpoints such as the brand identity, website, sponsorship package, social media. We also used the information we gathered from our web research to define the layout of the website, necessary design elements, and content.


Our third step was to design the brand, sponsorship package, and web presence. With a clear plan, we were able to design and develop a brand that we believed reflected the mission and vision of Funk Fest; a brand that would appeal both to its target audience and potential sponsors.


Our fourth step was to deploy the brand. After all touchpoints were designed and finalized, we prepared for the official relaunch of the brand and website. We decided to launch the new brand and website during the first week of promoting Funk Fest’s next music festival for Charlotte, NC 2014 in effort to increase visibility of both the website and social media, to convert new visitors to customers, and to solicit larger sponsors.

Funk Fest (Badge - Purple) Flattened 1.0

Website 1.1

Funk Fest Mobile 1.2

Funk Fest Sponsorship 1.0

Funk Fest Sponsorship Set 1.1

Funk Fest Apparel 2.0x