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Scott Belsky, an amazing thinker, writer and the founder of Behance, LLC., has pieced together a masterpiece centering around the topic of ‘making ideas happen’. Scott is known for his ideas on productivity. He’s so passionate about the topic that he created a company around helping creative professionals be more productive. One of his strongest arguments is that most people are great at generating and creating ideas, but most lack the capacity to actually make those ideas happen.

In his latest book titled “Making Ideas Happen”, Scott unpacks what he believes to be some of the most helpful steps on increasing productivity. He bases the book on key insights that he has gathered and implemented over the years from various successful leaders, professionals, and creatives.

Here are a few of the heavy-hitting points from the book that I’ve been chewing on and applying over the past few weeks:

Everything in life should be approached as a project.

The quality of ideas themselves is less important than the platform upon which they materialize. Realize that you control the platform for your ideas.

The way you organize projects, prioritize, and manage your energy is arguably more important than the quality of the ideas you wish to pursue.

Your productivity is not about how efficient you are at work. Instead, your productivity is really about how well you are able to make an impact in what matters most to you.

If you want to make an idea happen, you need to have a process for doing so.

Someone with average creativity but stellar organizational skills will make a greater impact than the disorganized creative geniuses among us.

It becomes nearly impossible to pursue long-term goals when you are guided solely by the most recent email in your inbox or call from a client.

To achieve long-term goals in the age of always-on technology and free-flowing communication, create windows of time dedicated to uninterrupted project focus.

Make time to make.