Love Beyond Walls is a social initiative and movement led by a team of solutions-based storytellers and dreams. Love Beyond Walls exists to raise awareness of societal needs with technology and storytelling, while mobilizing people to take part in it. The Love Beyond Walls team strategically and intentionally thinks past dividing “walls” and invites people to take part in the problems that exist in the world. Whether it’s becoming a volunteer, building a bridge between a resource and recipient, becoming a donor, or just spreading the word, they believe that when people band together, move, and get involved, people can experience redemption, hope, and life-change.
The Love Beyond Walls team approached us with the task of establishing both their brand and web presence. With a dream to build a name and reputation in the city of Atlanta, they understood the importance and need for a strong brand identity and an authentic story. 4THPARK came alongside Love Beyond Walls to awaken possibility in a movement and initiative that would impact both the city of Atlanta and the world.


Discover – Our first step was to discover as much as we could about the client, their vision, their industry, their target market, and their potential competitors. Our research consisted of studying other non-profit organizations who focused on both homelessness and social needs related to low-income families. We also conducted web research for the website, which gave us insight into what the web trends were for social causes and how other social-cause organizations’ sites were built.
Define – Our second step was to begin shaping and defining the brand and the story. We used the information we gathered from our research to bring context to the brand, which included identifying brand colors, fonts, and touchpoints such as the brand identity, website, stationery, posters, and t-shirts. Based on the type of story we believed the team at Love Beyond Walls wanted to tell, we decided to develop a site around a layout that would best tell that story. The site would incorporate brand colors, brand messaging and key phrases, content about the vision, and ways to get involved.
Design – Our third step was to design the brand and the web presence. With a clear plan, we were able to design and develop a brand that we believed reflected the mission and vision of Love Beyond Walls. We chose Red as the primary color of the brand, not just because of its representation of Love, but because we believed it best symbolized courage, passion, and urgency. We created a brand identity that incorporated both a redefined heart-shaped symbol and the letter “L” for Love.
Deploy – Our fourth step was to deploy the brand. After all touchpoints were designed and finalized, we prepared for the official launch of the brand. We decided to launch with the website first. What followed was a social media strategy to build online awareness and support for the Love Beyond Walls movement and brand.