“Love Is My Religion.”
-Rolando Lamb Jr.


LIMR – which is an acronym for Love Is My Religion – is a lifestyle brand and movement that exists to redefine love in popular culture. As a non-profit, LIMR seeks to redefine love through art and expression, display love through outreach and community activities, and extend love by empowering others to live a life of love properly. LIMR target market includes young adults and teens, ages 13-30.
LIMR approached us with the task of establishing both their brand and web presence. We embarked on a journey of awakening possibility and reimagining what it means to redefine love in today’s culture. Our overarching goal was to create a brand that reflected the mission and vision of LIMR.


Discover – Our first step was to discover as much as we could about the client, their vision, their industry, their target market, and their potential competitors. Our research consisted of studying other non-profit organizations who have successfully made an impact on youth, learning about the interests of young adults and teens as it relates to religion and love, and getting clarity on the vision and long-term goals of the client. We also conducted web research for the website, which gave us insight into what the web trends were for social causes and how other social-cause organizations’ sites were built.
Define – Our second step was to define as much as we could about the brand. We used the information we gathered from our research to bring context to the brand, which included identifying brand colors, fonts, and touchpoints such as the brand identity, website, stationery, posters, CD cover, Twitter page, and t-shirts. We also used the information we gathered from our web research to define the layout of the website, necessary design elements, and content.
Design – Our third step was to design the brand and the web presence. With a clear plan, we were able to design and develop a brand that we believed reflected the mission and vision of LIMR. We decided to rethink the idea of love and religion by using a flag to represent unity and culture.
Deploy – Our fourth step was to deploy the brand. After all touchpoints were designed and finalized, we prepared for the official launch of the brand. We decided to launch with the website first. What followed was the release of an album, t-shirts, and posters to support the movement and brand.


LIMR iMac 1.0x

LIMR Screenshot 1.1

LIMR Stationery 2.1x

LIMR Stationery 1.1

LIMR CD 1.0x

LIMR Art Frame 1.0x

LIMR Rollup Banner 1.0x

LIMR Apparel 1.0